Trigger Control Training

Which class is right for me? Not sure?
Read this before registering for a course.

Ask yourself the following question; What's my main objective in obtaining firearms training?

Is it to carry a firearm in as many states as possible? If so, the combination of our Handgun/CWP & Defensive handgun course is right for you. = Idaho Enhanced certification.

Is your training objective to learn the beginning steps to firearms ownership & the proper use of firearms? If so you would be best served by attending our Basic Firearms Course. = Unsurpassed knowledge of firearms ownership & their operation

Have you scheduled or been invited to a Private Training Course? Then search our list of current Private Courses listing below to find your invitation only Private Class. = A great day of training with friends, family, & coworkers.

Do you have a strong desire to master the AR-15 Carbine Rifle? Start by mastering the beginnings of the AR platform in our Carbine Course. = Successful completion allows entry into our Defensive Carbine Course.

Do you have a strong desire to learn the Shotgun? Master the Shotgun in Trigger Control's world class Defensive Shotgun course. = Unparalleled peace of mind with one of the best home defense tools ever created.

Want to take a live fire course but don't have a firearm & gear? Try our renowned All Inclusive Defensive Handgun Course. = An unparalleled handgun experience while determining which handgun is going to be best for you, before you purchase.

Want peace of mind without the firearm? Check out our Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) course or Private Taser classes = Personal protection without the firearm.

Retired law enforcement? Eligible to carry under HR-218? Do you require initial certification or annual renewal? You want our 10 years of experience with the best Retired Law Enforcement Officer course in the united states.

Are you seeking advanced firearms training? OK, Complete and graduate with a score of 285 points or higher from any of the above disciplines and receive a personal invitation to Trigger Control's Advanced Firearms Tactics Classes in that discipline.

Ready to test directly into TCT's Advanced Tactics Training in a specific discipline? Read a few of the skills required to pass Trigger Control's skills assessment on the FAQ page under (What can I expect during TCT's skills assessment?) If you are then it's as easy as 1,2,3.

1. Schedule a personal testing appointment.
2. Complete discipline specific skill assessment with 285 points or higher.
3. Register for the advanced course.

It's that easy! Fee for personal testing is $25.00