Trigger Control Training

Defensive Handgun II: Intro to Foundation Tactics

Saturday September 9, 2017 6:00pm to 10:00pm

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Cost $75


Fernan Rod & Gun Club
11600 E Fernan Lake Rd
Coeur D Alene , ID 83814

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This course goes beyond the foundation of gun safety, gun handling, basic fundamentals and marksmanship. Heavy emphasis is placed on real life situations including the understanding of 3 dimensional training (psychological, emotional and physical) along with how combat/defensive shooting differs from target and recreational shooting.

Topics include recap of safety and fundamentals along with principles of cover and conceal, mobility, creating tactical angles, transitions, spacial relationship/distance control including known distances. Specialized training exercises will be practiced dynamic and safely with several reality based scenarios under high stress and fatigue to simulate the effects of fear and chemical release in the body due to this condition.

With statistical evidence validating that 80% of shootings happen in the dark, low light training is a must along with practical applications of foundation tactics.


What am I required to bring to attend this shooting course?
You will need the following items to attend:

1) A Positive SAFE mindset.
2) A modern semi automatic firearm. (See FAQ page)
3) A strong side hip holster designed for your own firearm.
4) 150 rounds of factory new ammunition.
5) Magazine/speed loader pouch to be worn on support side hip.
6) Three magazines or speed loaders.
7) Clear safety Glasses
8) Hearing protection in the form of ear muffs. Electronic hearing protection is required.
9) Snacks, water, and dress for rain or shine.
10) Hand warmers
11) Flash light with a single rear button on/off switch
12) Note pad and pen


Before you register for this course you must have approval from Derek Cleveland Please call Derek with any questions 208-704-0319

Class is full